Cold Fashion !

Allexis Teape , Staff Writer

You know what’s in style this Winter? Looking extremely warm regardless of if you really are or not. All that stuff that your mother insist you put on before letting you leave the house has now ironically become fashionable! Thick jackets, bulky scarves, goofy hats, and ugly Christmas sweaters are all staples within a successful wardrobe this Winter. Investing in a good “military” style jacket that hits mid thigh will hold you over into the next season and can be paired well with anything you could possibly wear.
Ugly sweaters that resemble Christmas regurgitation are now cute… in the way a snarling bull dog is cute. If you can’t really see yourself in that, any kind of thick cozy sweater will do. You can amp up your look by buying a few in colors not typical to Winter (yellow, baby blue, etc) and mixing them in with your textbook winter attire. More than ever winter fashion has become a lot about color choice. It’s no longer acceptable to buy everything in black and call it a day. Now we have options outside of white, black, and various shades of “nude.” Incorporate a colorful winter style into your look through your jeans. Olive green, burgundy, and navy blue pants are all colors that are warm toned enough to say Winter- but still visually surprising within an outfit. To literally “top it off” knit hats are fun and actually do keep you warm. Go all out with different colors, prints, and even ones with cat ears. Add drama to your look with big knit scarves. Knit should be your favorite word this season. Seriously, it adds instant cozy style to any outfit and it’s another thing that actually keeps you warm.
The last thing I want to mention is touch screen sensitive gloves. Basically they’re gloves compatible with your iPhone or any android type product. Usually, they can cost anywhere from twenty to sixty dollars, but I’ve conveniently found them at Target for exactly three dollars! They work on any touch sensitive product regardless of brand and would make a really great post X-mas gift.