Fashion- Spring Has Sprung!


Allexis Teape , Reporter

I think it’s safe to say everyone is pretty much sick of winter. The dark colors, redundant layering, and not to mention the constant brick city weather outside is becoming the definition of getting old. On a warmer note spring has slowly, but surely, made its way around. Of course, spring has brought a long list of trends and wardrobe adjustments with it.

It’s crazy to think that every time the season changes were going to all discard our past wardrobes and purchase a brand new closet full of stuff we deem appropriate for the new weather. So, the most idealistic thing to do is to buy a few things that can be reworked in order to make your closet more “spring like.” Any kind of printed garment, besides the ridiculously obvious floral print, will make a good base for multiple outfits. Another thing to think about purchasing is a top and bottom that are identical in color. This strategy is literally a classic, as it can get worn together and when separately paired with other items, gives a lot of range within your wardrobe. Accessories are also a big must, because most of the time you’re going to wear something pretty basic- whether it is jeans, a t-shirt or a simple dress, accessories are going to be what makes it cute. Right now a lot of 90s inspired accessories should be what you’re looking for, like stackable rings and chunky gold link choker necklaces. While they may look gawky, they can actually add a grunge vibe to your closet.

Beauty wise the best thing you can do is give your face a break from all the makeup we like to cake on during the winter. Matte (no gloss or sheen) lipsticks are seriously a season staple which is actually a really great thing. When your lips are matte, all people really see is pure color, making the overall affect of lipstick even more visually stimulating and bold. Be sure to invest in a good chapstick as the matte stuff is usually a little more drying.
Happy spring!