Fashion- Summer Is Here!


Allexis Teape, Reporter

pg 4, pic 1 (800x533)“fashion fades, style is eternal”

                          -yves saint laurent

 Much like any other season, as summer approaches we begin to adjust our closets for the change in climate and fashion. When doing so, some of us seek inspiration from celebrities, preferred brands, and of course street style. From all these sources comes what should be a “personal style.” This style is a mix of all the things YOU find visually appealing and reflects your personal taste. Although this is the idea behind the process- sometimes we lose ourselves in another person’s style or popular trends. This is not good.

           It is pivotal that everyone has their own way of dressing. While you should be open to new things, you should still always maintain a certain something about the way you dress that holds a connection to you. It is always a great idea to seek inspiration from someone else, thing, or era- but it is not ok to become a product or clone of that. Instead of seeing someone else dress a certain way and buying it head to toe, figure out what it is that you like about that style and find it in other pieces. When you have a more specific way of dressing that acts as your very own trademark, you’ll feel more comfortable in your clothes and with yourself.

           Be wary of over following trends. Being trendy is not always a compliment. Trendy implies that you don’t have enough opinion to pick and rework clothes, so you follow the trends. Fashion is something that’s very subjective. What you find cute someone else may find horrendous- and that’s fine. Apart of having a personal style is not everyone will like it, the point is for you to like it! So, don’t let someone else’s opinion stop you from wearing what you find beautiful. Decide for yourself what you want wear, how you’ll wear it, and what occasion you’ll wear it for. Stand by that choice and disengage the critics.

          While it’s nice to be complemented for what we are wearing, we don’t want to dress in search of that compliment. We dress for the expression of who we are as people. While clothes can be bought in a store, style comes with no price tag and that is the beauty of fashion.