Game Review – ETS2

Game Review - ETS2

Many people disapprove of simulators as they are not qualified as “games”. Most simulators are bulky, poor physics environments that provide a horrible interactive experience. There is a good reason why simulators are under-developed. Simulators are created by small groups of people and are released by small companies. There are no elaborate offices and multiple hundredth staff personnel producing one game -like in some major game developing companies. Simulators are an emerging game genre that requires a great amount of work to provide a gaming experience and with new standards of computer reality.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a simulator game produced by SCS Software that provides the most realistic experience of driving a truck behind the keyboard. It has taken over two years to develop and within months has spread as the most successful simulator game of the year. The game features an incomplete map of Europe and real company name trucks, such as: Scania, Man, and Renault. Apart from the proper game physics, ETS2 has beautiful game visuals and lighting effects. There is a lot to take from playing the game. Also, there is a vast mod community online that provide multiple interesting features for the game.