The Handy Man Can!


Sabbar Ahmed, Reporter

Hand (800x533)Who better to take over the Girls Volleyball team than Mr. Hand? Mr. Hand, Volleyball teacher, and coach of the Boys Volleyball team, has just taken on the Girl’s team. Practice started for the Lady Cougars in early September, as they look to take on the division. A brief interview with Mr. Hand was taken regarding the newly coached team.

Q: Did you choose to become the new Girls Volleyball coach? If so, what made you want to take over the team?

A: “Yes I did want to coach the team. I interviewed for the job, and I achieved that goal. I enjoy volleyball and coaching both teams. I can keep the gym, along with the equipment, all to myself, all year around.”

Q: You’re in charge of the Boys Volleyball team, do the training methods for the girls differ from the boys’?

A: “No. I work both teams to their full potential.”

Q: How are you going to be juggling both teams?

A: “There actually is no juggling. Both teams are going to be working together.”

Q:What are your expectations for the new team? How will you make sure they are fulfilled?

A: “I expect them to play their hardest and improve as the season goes on. By pushing them as much as I can and practicing every single day- insuring that every person on my team has the desire to become better.”

Q:What is the biggest struggle you are facing so far concerning the new team?

A: “We are a fully new team, meaning almost all the players are new to volleyball, and we only have three returning players.”

Q: What made you think that you were more suitable to coach the team than the other coaches in the building?

A: “I’ve been coaching volleyball for seven seasons with the boys, that’s what makes me the most suitable.”

The team has been training every day for the season, making sure that every player can perform to the best of their abilities. Make sure to come out and support the team and their new coach! Good luck Lady Cougars!