Athlete of the Month- Lindsay Bueno!



Congratulations to Lindsay Bueno for being named the Lady Cougars’ Athlete of the Month! Lindsay is a senior and the Captain of FDR’s Volleyball team. Lindsay enjoys attending FDR for several reasons. She feels the school has amazing teachers and students, and she has met incredible people over her high school career.

Lindsay is an outstanding volleyball player. She has strong endurance and loves being a team player. Her leadership is obvious every day. She brings energy and support to her team at every practice and game. Lindsay allows a bad performance get to her too much. She is hard on herself, because she does not want to let her teammates down. She is working on keeping her confidence up at all times, but she sees hard times as a learning and growing experience.

Lindsay is also a proud member of the Yearbook staff. She joined because she wanted to try something new and get involved in her senior year. She is enjoying learning new aspects about photography and is proud to be the Editor-in-Chief! Lindsay would advise new students at FDR to not hesitate to try new things. Clubs and teams are a great way to meet new people with similar interests. According to Lindsay, “new experiences may seem scary at first, but I can guarantee it’s worth it in the long run!” She also believes new students should bond with good people, who won’t drag you down.

Lindsay was chosen as the Athlete of the Month for her commitment to her team on and off the court. As the Captain, she learned from past captains on how to support and lead her team. Lindsay loves that her team is like a big family. She will NEVER give up on her FDR family! Congrats Lindsay! You are an amazing role model for all of Cougar Nation!