FDR Softball Is Back! An interview With Coach Acquafredda!


FDR Girls’ Softball is back! Last year, the team had a 12-3 record. They were tied for 2nd place in the division and reached the 2nd round of the playoffs. In preparation for 2023 season, The New Dealer sat down to interview the new coach, Ms. Acquafredda! 

What is your personal experience with softball?

Since I was little, I watched my dad play baseball every weekend. By the time I got to high school, I was looking for a new sport to try out and pursue. I decided to try out for softball because of my dad, and how much he could help me become the best player I could possibly be at that level. Unfortunately, my college did not have a softball program, so instead, I decided to coach my younger cousins who wanted to play softball. In my last year of college, I helped coach at New Utrecht High School, and I coached the 12U-14U Red Devils Softball Team. Now, I’m excited to coach FDR’s softball team!

What are your goals for the season?

My goal for the season is to work on finding the right team to put on the field and try our best to win games.

How can students at FDR get involved with the team?

Students can get involved by coming to see me in room 219. They will need to fill out an interest sheet, as well as pick up a parent consent and a medical form, which must be filled out in order to try out, and eventually play on the team.

What made you want to coach the Softball team at FDR? 

I wanted to coach FDR’s Softball team, because I heard they are a lovely group of girls, who actually want to play softball and get better at it. As someone whose first-time playing softball was in high school, I like most of the girls, understand how they feel and the fire in them to want to get better. I definitely feel I could help!

What do you admire most about sports?

I admire the discipline it teaches kids, as well as it gives kids more time out of the house to be active, which we haven’t seen since before the pandemic. I admire how students come out of their shells, show who they are, and how truly talented they are, when they are in the zone on the field.

What qualities do you look for in a player? 

I look for a positive attitude all the time and how humble the player is! I look for effort and leadership skills in the player, as well as discipline. I want to see that they want to learn and will trust the process of practicing and watching Softball.

The first game of the season is on March 27th, against Brooklyn Studio Secondary School at FDR! Be sure to come check out the game and show support for the team. If you’re interested in playing Softball this year, be sure to see Coach Acquafredda in room 219, to receive consent forms and tryout! Good luck this year Cougars!!