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An Upcoming Season of Success! An Interview with Coach Hans


In this interview, The New Dealer was honored to sit down with Mr. Hans, the coach of FDR’s Boys Bowling Team. In this interview, Mr. Hans discusses his aspirations, accomplishments, and goals for this season. 

What are your hopes for the bowling season?

I hope that we have fun, build meaningful friendships, expand our community, and qualify for playoffs. Last year was the first time we did not make the playoffs during my time coaching.

When does the team typically practice and what does practice consist of?

It is a two-month commitment, and we visit the lanes on a daily basis. During practice, I typically bowl with the members, model the skills to teach them, and provide feedback on their mechanics and footwork to stay consistent. 

What is the skill level required of those who would like to join?

There is no skill level required whatsoever.

What has been the highlight of the season so far?

We won our first match against New Utrecht! While New Utrecht lost some of their returning players who graduated last year, they still prove to be formidable opponents. Winning our first match created great energy to start off the season, because unlike last year, we did not have our first win until the second half of the season. It was nice to be successful right out of the gate.

What was last year’s bowling experience like?

It was frustrating not being as successful as we hoped, but we were able to support the girls team and build community with them. It was a perfect chance for students to get back to socializing while picking up new skills. A lot of our returning members have experienced notable improvements compared to when they began last year.

How do you anticipate the season to end?

I expect to have a winning record and win a match or two in the playoffs. Hopefully, some of the members will qualify for the city individuals. If they do, they will put on a good show there! 

Are there any comments you would like to share with any students interested in joining the team?

Come on in! We’re still accepting new members, but we are getting close to the deadline to join. Our numbers have been increasing significantly, because the word is spreading that being on the bowling team it is fun. I truly enjoy the sport, and I always give feedback- so we have a great time! With your commitment and effort, you will be able to pick up the sport rather quickly.

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