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Meet The Girls Table Tennis Team!


The season for FDR Girls’ Table Tennis team has just started, and the Cougars are showing strong determination this season! The Table Tennis teams have always been in the background, and not much is known about them. Not only is this sport underrated, but it requires a lot of skills- such as hand-to-eye coordination, agility, reaction speed, and fast movements. The complexity of this sport is more than you think. It ranges from varieties of serves, and different spins, to challenging footwork. Through this interview with Coach Stanco, and the captain of the Girls Table Tennis team Ksenya Lurye, we will get to know more about the team!

Captain Ksenya’s interview:

Q: What made you start playing table tennis?

A: During my sophomore year of high school, my gym class was table tennis. In this class, I realized my passion for this sport and enjoyed it a lot. It was something I wanted to pursue throughout my high school years. 

Q: How long have you been playing table tennis?

A: I have been playing table tennis for about three years now. Not only do I play throughout the season, but also throughout the whole year in many different New York City organizations throughout the city. 

Q: What is the strongest trait your team possesses? 

A: My team’s strongest trait is our impeccable teamwork, since that’s what keeps us together no matter the circumstances or positions- such as doubles and singles. We still end up helping and giving advice to each other on how to improve. Hence, teamwork is significant, because it is important that the whole team supports one another and helps each other out. 

Q: How do you help other players improve their gameplay?

A: When one of my team members comes up to me for advice, or I notice a certain skill they are having an issue with, I tend to focus on the core of the issue. I usually demonstrate how to do this skill, and adjust it, to show how it is correctly done. Even though it takes time, it is worth it in the end. 

Q: What are you and your team’s techniques for preparing before an upcoming game?

A: Before an upcoming game, we always focus on what is important for the team to win the game. For example, serving the ball is the most important part of starting any kind of round, so we decide upon that first. Afterward, we talked with the coach about any improvements we could make or fix any flaws in our skills. Even after the games, we practice because we understand that if we desire to succeed as a team, we need to put in equal effort as a team.

Coach Stanco’s interview: 

Q: How would you describe the teamwork on the team?

A: Table Tennis is more of an individual sport. We have 3 single positions and 2 doubles making a total of 7 positions. However, our team has incredible teamwork, they are constantly supporting each other during each other’s games, so that they don’t get discouraged. 

Q: How would you describe the team’s performance?

A: Our team has been doing extremely well in games, and for the past two years, we have made it into the playoffs. We will hopefully make it into playoffs this year. I believe we are in the best shape compared to the past years ever since COVID-19 because most of our players are seniors and juniors who have been on the team for a while. Additionally, our new players perform very well and are quick to learn new skills.

Q: What is the practice routine for your team? 

A: Our practice starts right after the eighth period. I try to play every single player and see what they need to work on. I then assign another player, who excels in that skill, to practice with them to further improve that skill. Other than that, the team members play amongst themselves and teach each other new skills and strategies. 

Q: What is your team’s strongest trait?

A: I would say that determination is our strongest trait. Our team is always determined to do their best. They are always constantly practicing trying to further advance their skills. Before every game, we start with the determination to win. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about coaching this team?

A: I enjoy the energy that our team brings. We are always hyped up and have a lot of energy. Ready for every game and ready for practice. 

Hence, the salient teamwork and the team’s alacrity are what make FDR Girl’s Table Tennis so distinctive. Their first game will be up against Lafayette High School on November 30!  We sincerely wish them a successful season with great achievements! 

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