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FDR Athletics 2024 MVPs


2024 was a great year for FDR’s athletic teams thanks to these star players. Check out the MVP’s for these teams! It should be noted that not all teams responded with an MVP, so The New Dealer would like to congratulate all our Cougar athletes, not just the one’s in this article.

Fall Sports

Girls Bowling: It’s with great pride that I highlight Lady Cougars Bowling Captain Fotima Makhmutova. She joined the bowling team during her junior year. Right away she was a standout player. Although joining with zero experience, she took great pride in building her skills and was named Team Captain her senior year. She utilized her skills to train her fellow teammates. Fotima was not only invited to participate in borough individuals but placed in city individuals playing against top players from all five boroughs. Fotima embodies good sportsmanship by not just about following the rules but nurturing positive behavior and creating a supportive and inclusive sports environment.

Boys Bowling: Coach Hans believes Harry McSween is the MVP of the boys bowling team. McSween had a total of 1749 pins this season!

Girls Volleyball: Coach Gigliello would like to recognize Aleena Rivera as the MVP of the girls volleyball team. This season, Rivera had 10 aces, 10 kills, and 19 service points!

Winter Sports

Girls Table Tennis: “Ksenya Lurye is the Girls Table Tennis MVP. Her exceptional leadership skills made her shine as the team’s captain. Being our 1# singles, she inspired her teammates by leading by example and playing the opponents top athlete without fear or hesitation. Her competitive demeanor set the tone for our team. Ksenya definitely deserves to be our team MVP.” -Coach Stanco

Boys Table Tennis: “Doren Wong for his commitment, growth, and leadership. He is a hardworking individual that leads by example. He exhibits great patience and would never shy away from helping his fellow peers. He has earned the respect and trust of all his peers. When Doren puts his mind and focus on a given task his end goal is to create a masterpiece. He has an incredible drive for self-improvement and is never satisfied until he reaches a new high.” -Coach Lam

Wrestling: “Avery Ali and Luka Zakaidze are both deserving of the MVP title. They were our captains. Luka placed third in the city and Avery placed second.” Coaches Daniello and Bracco

Spring Sports

Cricket: “Zihadul Islam is our MVP. As talented he is, he is very humble and shows great sportsmanship. He is a team player. He helps the coach and teammates by uplifting them. He is a very respectable person and player. He is a coach’s dream player.” -Coach Mohammed

Golf: “Harry McSween deserves to be Senior MVP. He was a 4 year varsity starter. He joined as a freshman during COVID year when school was remote, but we had a golf season that spring. He improved every year he played and is now competing against top players in Brooklyn.  With his leadership we have a chance to make the playoffs for the first time in team history.” -Coach Cinamon

Track: “Justin is a dedicated member of the track team. He consistently shows up for practice and works hard. He doesn’t make excuses. Justin’s form and speed has greatly improved throughout the season. He excels as a sophomore runner, and I look forward to seeing how he progresses over the next two years.” -Coach Simone

Softball: “Alondra is definitely an MVP, she can play any position on the field, except maybe pitch. She always has a positive attitude and doesn’t let one play mess her up. In the 2 years I’ve been with the team, she’s grown exponentially and it really shows. I’m very proud of who she has become.

I also think Nicolle is an MVP, because she never stops trying to get better. She is the heart of the team and someone everyone turns to when they need a little boost. She’s also grown a lot in the 2 years I’ve been with the team, and I’m very proud of her this season with how much she speaks up.

But honestly almost every senior is an MVP in someway. Two other major ones are Ariana who came in not knowing anything about softball. She worked her butt off to be better. Shaniyia took on a lot in the last 2 years from catching to pitching to playing first and third base.” -Coach Aquafredda

Thanks for a great year Cougars!!!!!!!!!

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