Female Athlete

Megi Hajderlli, Staff Writer

pg 7 pic 9 (800x533) Let’s go Lady Cougars!!! It’s the middle of a new basketball season, and the lady Cougars are currently 1-6. As coach Wright makes sure that the team is focus and prepared for each game they play, she has chosen Giovana Rosado as the Athlete of the Month. Gio is currently a senior and has played on the basketball team for four years. Giovana is the captain of the team and the starting point-guard. When I told Giovana that she was the Athlete of the Month, she was very happy. She knew she earned it. Giovana has been selected 3 times to be Female Athlete of the Month while on the basketball team. I asked her about being on the team for four years, being the captain, and how does each season feel? “It feels different and in each season that starts, it’s like a new family.” Referring to the point-guard position Giovana said, “It’s most important being a leader for the team. I see it as a big responsibility, because once I break down, then the whole team does.” In each season does the team get better? “The team that we have, we build it to be better and build more chemistry on the court by knowing what we will expect.” Giovana is on three different teams. I asked her, which sport is her favorite? She smiled at the question and chose basketball as her favorite sport. I also asked her if the playoffs were a possibility, she replied, “Yes, my main goal is bringing the team to the playoffs. Being on the team for four years, I never experienced it before, but what really matters is that I know we can make it to the playoffs, that’s something that we all want.” Giovana hopes to play ball in college and wants to thank Coach Wright for pushing her to do her best. Good luck girls!!! pg 7 pic 9 (800x533)