Spring Into New Sports!


Sabbir Ahmed, Reporter

New term, new Cougar sports! FDR is welcoming the new spring term with various different teams and sports for the upcoming season. Mr. Gottesman is the Athletic Director in charge of organizing all of the teams. He was more than happy to fill us in with the details. The sports we should be expecting for the Lady Cougars are Handball, Tennis, and Softball. The Guy Cougars feature Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Track, Volleyball, Handball, and Baseball.  He informed us that he is very excited for the new season and all of the teams.  He expects them to perform at their best.

Mr. Gottesman has a feeling that this season is going to be quite successful. However, Mr. Gottesman explains that there are a few difficulties that come with planning a whole season for so many teams at once. A major one being the lack of space. Field space and time are very important, yet incredibly scarce. Because of this, it’s challenging to plan a schedule for the entire season, without having teams conflicting for practice time (on top of the terrible weather). When asked what changes would make the process smoother, he clarified that turning Gravesend Park into a sports complex would ideally solve many problems. Because this won’t happen anytime soon, he’ll have to manage finding a way to satisfy every team’s demands. Nevertheless, Mr. Gottesman made it very clear that last year’s methods of planning out the season was very successful and led to great results.  Due to the great student turnout, he is preserving the same methods used in the previous year and hoping for similar results.  Any student interested in this spring’s sports should see the coach of that sport ASAP.  Check out FDR on psal.org to see a full list of the coaches. Thank you Mr. Gottesman for all of your hard work, and best of luck Cougars!