Female Athlete- Amy Morillo


Amy Morillo is the Female Athlete of the Month! Amy was chosen for her commitment to the FDR Girls Volleyball team this fall! Amy really enjoys being a student at FDR. She is a senior, and she has had a lot of fun with her friends and teammates over the years!

Amy feels her greatest strength as an athlete is her commitment to getting better everyday. She feels strongly that athletes should always be focusing on getting better. According to Coach Hand, “Amy does all the little things that make a team successful.” Amy believes her one weakness is that she can be impatient at times. If the team is not playing well, she lets her emotions get the best of her as opposed to being more patient with the ups and downs of a game. Not only does Amy love Volleyball, she is a proud member of the Flag Football team. She truly is an all around Cougar.

Amy’s advice for new students / athletes is to remember to enjoy yourself. She thinks that too many young athletes are always nervous and afraid to make mistakes. She says Coach Hand always reminds them that this is a game, and they are here to have fun. Play for the love of the game and your teammates. Good advice Amy!

Amy thinks she was chosen to be the Athlete of the Month for a couple of reasons. She thinks her personality is important, because she is kind to everyone and never makes anyone feel less of themselves. In addition, Amy hustles on the court. She is never lazy and tries to set a great example.

Congrats Amy on being such a great example for up and coming Cougars! Enjoy your senior year!!