Fawzla Khan- Female Athlete of the Month


Congratulations to Fawzla Khan, this month’s Female Athlete of the Month. Fawzla is a senior member of the Girls Table Tennis team. Coach Stanco nominated Fawzla for her leadership and sportsmanship on the team.

As Fawzla got to know more about the activities and opportunities at FDR, she became more interested in FDR. She enjoys coming to school everyday, because she likes her teachers, friends, and learning new things. Fawzla remains engaged after school everyday. She is either playing table tennis, attending a club, or tutoring. She always wants to remain busy and challenge herself.

Fawzla’s greatest strength, as an athlete, is staying focused and working on her skills until they are perfected. She wants to make sure she is always at her competitive best! Her biggest weakness as an athlete is sometimes getting nervous. She works hard at keeping her confidence up.

Fawzla is a proud member of the Student Ambassadors, NHS, and the Robotics club. She really enjoys the Student Ambassadors, because she gets to work with incoming freshmen and their parents. She likes promoting a positive image of FDR, and NHS gives her an opportunity to get involved with volunteering in our community. Robotic is really enjoyable, because she really likes working with robots.

Fawzla is proud of this honor. She worked hard to improve her Table Tennis skills. She is grateful to her Coach and teammates for believing in her. Way to go Fawzla! Have a great season and good luck in college!