Male Athlete of the Month – Jerry Huang


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

Congratulations to Jerry Huang for being this Month’s Male Athlete of the Month. Jerry started bowling last year, because he and his friends got completely hooked on it. He feels that it is a great accomplishment to be the Athlete of the Month. He is proud to have the opportunity to be the Captain of the Boys Bowling team and pick up his team. Jerry’s most memorable moment from this season was being placed Thirteenth in the City Individuals. His favorite class is Mass Communication, because it opened his eyes to how the media has affected our lives throughout history. Jerry’s recommendation to young bowlers is to buy their own equipment. He thinks young bowlers should be determined, because “you cannot progress if you do not realize your mistakes.” He thinks he was chosen to be the Male Athlete of the Month, because he heard his name in the announcements for four days in a row!!! He also believes the announcer is sick of him by now.  He would like to thank his Coaches and teammates for all their support.  Nice job Jerry!