Matthew Jean-Pierre: The Male Athlete of the Month


Matthew Jean-Pierre, of the Boys Varsity Basketball team, is the Male Athlete of the Month! Matthew is currently the the leading scorer and a senior on our Cougar team. He enjoys attending FDR, because he has learned a lot about himself. He also feels FDR has taught him how to carry himself properly.

Matthew believes his greatest asset as an athlete is his conditioning. Basically, he can give as much energy as the team needs and not get tired. He also has a high basketball IQ and is very strong for his size. He can play any position the team needs him too. Matthew would like to develop into a better defender, as he continues his basketball career. Beyond basketball, Matthew is working on creating the senior yearbook. He is a very well rounder student / athlete.

Matthew would advise younger athletes to not let the popularity that comes with being on a team, go to their head. Players need to remain focused on their school work and making their team better. Student /Athletes have a responsibility to set an example for the entire school.

Matthew was chosen by Coach Thomas, because he really cares about his education and team. According to Coach Thomas, “Matthew was a true leader. He led ┬áboth vocally and by setting a positive example through his actions.”

Congratulations Matthew! You are a great role model for our younger Cougars!