Knicks vs Nets

Adam Agababayev, Staff Writer

pg 8 pic 6 This year, the New Jersey Nets have been modified entirely: a new name, a new arena, a new team, and now apparently, a new rivalry with the New York Knicks. Though, there used to be a bit of tension between the Nets and the Knicks back in Jersey, but the Nets were awful at the time- so matchups were boring. Now, with a fresh start and only a borough away, the Brooklyn Nets have joined the race against the Knicks for the best team of New York.
It seems as if every game the two teams play are playoff -like games. Especially since there are two iconic figures that represent the teams such as Jay Z for the Nets and Spike Lee for Knicks. With three games played, so far the Knick hold a 2 to 1 edge over Brooklyn. As of late, the Nets are struggling. They even fired their no nonsense Coach Johnson. His firing shows that these aren’t the same old Nets. Failure is not an option anymore.
11/26/12. The Knicks fell to the Nets 89-96, just a 7-point difference. Deron Williams put up 14 assists to aid big man Brook Lopez who dropped 22 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Carmelo Anthony, as expected, dropped a 35 bomb on the Nets along with Tyson Chandler who pulled 28 points. The game went into overtime, and it seemed as if after a big three was made, the Knicks lost hope. This was the opening game for the two New York teams in the brand new Barclays Center. You know the rivalry is big when the arena was packed with celebrities such as NY Giants players, Jay Z, Beyonce and many more.
12/11/12. This time, the Nets fell to the Knicks 97-100. With Carmelo Anthony recording a season-high of 45 points that game, almost half the points of the game. He keeps proving he’s one of the best. Jason Kidd, the man who keeps getting criticized that he’s washed up and that it’s time for him to retire, scored 18 points and hit the game winning 3-point shot. Watching the game that day, the Knicks were down by as much as 17 points and were able to come back and win it. Deron Williams had 10 assists and 18 points. I remember watching the game, every time Melo and Williams got the ball, the crowd would chant “M-V-P,” which adds to the rivalry the teams already have.
12/19/12. The Knick topped the Nets 100-86 during the Nets rough patch, with Anthony once again leading all scorers. The Knick smade a statement that this is still their town!
All I have to say, this season will be a phenomenal season for the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. All the additions the Nets were able to get during the offseason will show its true colors soon. Be patient! With the Knicks battling Miami for the top of the conference, they are so far proving to the NBA that they are not the underdogs anymore. If the Knicks can get healthy, watch out NBA! The next Nets vs. Knicks game will be on January 21st, 2013, so stay tuned. Remember, you decide who runs New York.