Jets and Giants

Jets and Giants

Adam Agababayev, Reporter

There are two types of people in this world. One type: the people that wait for the  Fall to drink hot chocolate, wear comfy sweaters, and celebrate Halloween. The other type:  the people that wait for Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Football. As we head into the school year, we also head into the NFL season with our two New York teams: the Jets and the Giants.


            The Giants begin the season with a horrific 0-5 start losing to the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers,the Kansas City Chiefs, and the hated Philadelphia Eagles. In all five games the Giants offense was nowhere to be found, averaging only 15.2 points, ranking 30 out of 32 NFL teams. The Giants ground game has suffered as well, averaging only 57.8 yards per game. After seeing the games versus the Panthers and the Chiefs, I was convinced that the Giants’ offensive line is just about as good as a wall of feathers. Eli Manning barely had any time in the pocket; resulting in him either rushing his passes leading to interceptions or getting sacked leading to fumbles. However, the times where he had a solid 8 seconds, he was able to find Victor Cruz, the man who catches everything in his path.  The good news about being 5 and 0, a great draft pick is coming!


            The Jets on the other hand actually have a couple wins on their hands, going 3-2. Seeing the last game against the Titans showed me how Geno Smith’s inexperience is costing the Jets wins. Geno actually threw the ball accurately, whenever he had time in the pocket, however what I can’t seem to process is how he refuses to throw the ball away when there are two 300 pound giants ready to slam you, consequentially causing four Jets turnovers- all of which led to four Titan touchdowns.  However, the “good” Geno showed up in the Jets win over Atlanta.  Geno threw three TD and had no turn overs.   The Jets average about 20 points per game so far and surprisingly have a solid ground game with 127 yards per game. It’ll be fun to see Geno Smith’s next performance after the beating he took against the Titans and the near perfect game against Atlanta.

Outside of our New York football teams, I personally believe the Denver Broncos are easily a top contender for the Super Bowl considering the fact that they have completely blown out any team in its path so far, which is not a surprise with Peyton Manning (the better brother) as their leader. Tune in to find out which New York team ends up on top!