Men’s College Basketball: Freshman Insider


Adam Agababayev, Reporter

NCAA (800x792)

As we head into the NBA season, we also head into the NCAA Men’s Basketball season. This year should be an exciting one; there are many freshmen worth keeping your eyes glued on. Players such as Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins are two “ballers” fans should watch out for.

Andrew Wiggins was a huge sensation, across the United States and Canada last year. People went as far as labeling him as the next LeBron James. However, his stats with the Kansas Jayhawks aren’t as impressive as I thought they would be starting off the season. Averaging only 14.3 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 1.6 assists with 5 games into the season, Andrew Wiggins actually slides down the list of freshmen and gives Jabari Parker the throne at the number one spot, according to ESPN. Duke’s beast forward, Jabari Parker, measuring and weighing in at 6’8, 225lbs is averages 23 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists. As a freshman forward on such a reputable team like Duke, I believe that 23 points, and close to double digits in rebounds, is impressive for the beginning of the season.

Although Andrew Wiggins hasn’t lived up to others’ expectations, including mine, I believe he’ll definitely have a break through at some point this season. His elbow jumpers seem to be lacking, but with time comes experience.   I have faith in Wiggins. With Parker, I have yet to find any major flaws, but I will say that he definitely has potential to put up more boards per game.

College Basketball, and college sports in general, truly is intense; especially when upsets occur to the best teams on a regular basis. Mr. Sullivan, former FDR coach claims, “College basketball is what young plays should be watching, instead of that “iso” garbage in the NBA.”  I could not agree more!  If you feel like watching real basketball, turn off the NBA and turn on the NCAA.