Cougar Baseball


Roosevelt Ettiene, Reporter

Last year ended with an 11-1 defeat against New Utrecht High School, eliminating the Cougars from the playoffs picture. The Cougars are looking forward to starting over this year! Like every year, the Cougars are making another playoff push. Unfortunately, the way the Cougars ended last season was a major disappointment. They didn’t make the playoffs due to the report cards of some of the key players. Coach Patamarapipan was highly upset, because he believed that the team could’ve made it deep in the playoffs if they got in. He claimed, “If we are going to make a successful playoff push this year, we have got to have our team at every game as a whole.” He motivates his guys to do well in the classroom, so that they can be eligible for every game. As for the “children” who failed off last year, and are returning this year, Coach Patamarapipan stated, “I am disappointed but at least you can turn it around this year and give your full potential to benefit the team.” I would agree that the only thing that matters, at this point, is that the players don’t make the same mistake this year.
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Although every season seems to end with fewer players than what the team began with, Coach Patamarapipan is positive that this year will not end the same. He has a more dedicated team now. Not only are they showing dedication on the field, but they are showing dedication in the classroom- which is the key to a good baseball player. There are players who can really have an outstanding season: Juniors Arben Becaj and Ariel Lora and Senior David Godoy. Both Ariel and Arben have been really good pitchers since they first joined the team and have only got better. Coach Patamarapipan said, “David has done nothing but what I have ask of him since his freshman year. Now that he is a senior, he can only excel at catcher and have a good season.” As I watch the Cougars practice, and by the way they communicate with each other, I can tell that everybody from the top of the roster to the bottom has the same goal- to win every game possible and make it to the championship. Each player knows that they need to step up their game, because nobody wants a repeat of last year’s disappointment. GOOD LUCK COUGARS!!!!!