Cougar Baseball


Roosevelt Ettienne, Reporter

The way the Cougars ended last season was a major disappointment. With a record of 3-13, which placed the Cougars second to last in the division, the Cougars missed the playoffs for a second year in a row. This caused the PSAL to drop the Cougars down a division. The Cougars are currently in the Brooklyn B South Division.

Coach Patamarapipan was not too happy about this move, but he thought it was the right move. According to Coach P, “I hope this was a wake up call for my players who were failing classes last year and for the players who did not give it their all last season.” Coach Patamarapipan wants all his players to be focused this season and stop messing around off the field, “It does not matter what division you are in, if you are not focused you will lose.” Coach is going to push his players beyond their talent this season, so that the Cougars can win each game and make it to the playoffs.

After two disappointing seasons, the Cougars are looking to hit one out of the park this season. This year, Coach is looking for his team to gain leads on opponents early in the game, but they need to still win those close games if there are any. Every player on this team is upset about last year and does not favor the move to a lower division. There are players who are looking to have an outstanding season. Such as Seniors Arben Becaj and Ariel Lora.  Both Ariel and Arben have really stepped their game up since their freshman year. Now that they are seniors, its time for them to shine. Each player  needs to step up their game if this team wants to be successful in their new division. Nobody wants a repeat of last year. New Year, New Division, New Attitude is the motto for the team.

Their first test will be against the Maxwell Bears from William H. Maxwell High School on March 21, 2014.