Top Ten


Shu Xin Lei, Staff

FDR’s Best! The 2013 Top Ten
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FDR’s Top Ten have been posted in the hallway outside of the College Office. These students worked hard to achieve their status as FDR’s best and brightest!
On November 21st, the Top Ten seniors were called for a meeting after 7th period. First, they had to take individual portraits for the yearbook and hallways, then, they took group photos with Mr. DeMarco, Ms. Turturro, Mr. Timmins and Dr. Alvarez. It was a perfect group picture that will definitely make the school proud. They all sat down at the Principal’s conference table, and Mr. DeMarco started with a speech to begin the meeting. While Dr. Alvarez was giving her speech, she handed the students each a package, containing a book and a certificate. They were given the book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, written by Dr. Seuss. This book conveys a deep message for the future leaders of American. We really hope no matter where they are in life, they will never give up. It was apparent at the meeting that the administration of FDR is very proud of this group.
Some people might ask, “How did they gain their positions in the Top Ten?” I can say it is definitely not easy. There are approximately 650 seniors at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. The Top Ten have to battle it out to achieve the top rankings (not literally). Many of the Top Ten students engage in activities outside of the school. Of course, they are also involved in activities such as clubs, teams, and organizations. Some of the clubs they are engaged in include: the Chinese Cultural Club and the Environmentalist Club to name a couple. They also involve themselves with teams such as the Challenge, Volleyball Team, Tennis Team, and Mock Trial. They devote themselves to countless hours of extracurricular activities, but also challenge themselves with Advanced Placement courses. For example, number one, Ali Sana has a weighted GPA of 102.71, but also is involved with the Challenge Team, Environmentalist Club, National Honor Society, and a variety of Advanced Placement classes.
We have interviewed a few members of the Top Ten, asking how they feel about being in the Top Ten.
Ali Sana, when asked how he felt, stated, “As a proud valedictorian, I am as ardent of being part of the Top Ten of 2013, as I am being an FDR family member. To be honest, I never dreamt of being valedictorian, but this year has proven that miracles do happen. It is impossible to describe in words how excited I am to be one of the students to set an example for future FDR students. I have faith and belief that all FDR students will also strive to make the FDR family even stronger and make this school an astounding place to attend. It is an amazing feeling to be part of the Top Ten, but the feeling is stronger when I think of my fellow students. Even though the Top Ten are proudly holding their positions, I can say with no doubt that every FDR student has the potential to achieve a similar or even better position, than the Top Ten.”
Min Hua Chen, ranked seven, told us, “Being in the Top Ten wasn’t easy. It requires hard work, devotion, and much more. It took me three years of hard work to get to the position I am currently in. I felt very accomplished, but I also felt like it was a dream. These three years flew by rapidly, like it happened yesterday. I’m very thrilled to have been told that I have made it into the Top Ten. I wasn’t only worried about my grades, activities outside of academics were also very important to me. I do believe that if someone wants to achieve their goals, they have to work hard and never stop trying. You’ll over come obstacles if you are devoted to it.”
Wendy Wen, ranked eight, also told us, “Being part of the Top Ten is an accomplishment I never dreamt of until the end of last year. Knowing that I am capable of excelling at this high level makes it very satisfying. Without my amazing teachers and peers, I don’t think I would have made it to where I am today. This senior class is the first Freshmen Academy to graduate, and being a part of that makes this all the more extraordinary.
The New Dealer is very pleased to have these students as our top seniors. They have worked so hard to maintain their grades and other activities. Their hard work has surely paid off, for they have achieved a memorable accomplishment.