The Multicultural Festival


Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

pg 1, pic 3 Multicultural (800x533) Like every year, we have a Multicultural Festival right here at FDR this May! Considering the fact that FDR is so diverse, we have the best festival highlighting different cultures and traditions from around the world. No doubt, that there is a lot to expect from this year’s Multicultural Festival. There are many performances planned. The CCC, known as the Chinese Cultural Club, will be doing a play. There will also be a Ribbon Dance, Belly Dance, Hispanic Club performance, singing, gymnastics, and acting. As we know, along with the inspiring performances, there is also food afterwards from many different cultures. You don’t want to miss all the amazing tastes from around the globe!
Each year there are at least, 200-250 students participating in the festival. Each of them has their own job, for example, backstage work, setting up, lighting, and performing! When asked, what should be fixed about the Multicultural Festival comparing to past years, Ms. Ferrantelli said, ” Nothing, it just gets bigger, and better each year!” According to Mr. Ferrantelli, there has not been a single dance that he knows of, which has not been done at the Multicultural. The students are so into the festival. They are energetic and always willing to participate. The best part of the festival is that teachers, students, and parents are able to celebrate their heritage together. The people watching, and the people performing, both have an amazing time during the event. After all of this, would you want to miss this amazing festival? I don’t think so! BTW you can participate in the next year’s Multicultural. Start practicing now, so you can show off your talent, and your culture!!