FDR Health Fair A Big Success!


Mernan Said, Reporter

pg 6, pic 4 (800x533)pg 6, pic 3 (800x600)The FDR Health Fair, developed by Ms. Lyngo and Ms. Wright, took place on May 22, 2013, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm in Gym A and B. This fair had a positive impact, letting students know more about living a healthy life style. There were a lot of fun activities there for Cougars. Several key health tests were available like -blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc. The school gave out “scanning applications” for students to check their health status and keep in touch with what they should do to stay fit. Ms. Lyngo and Ms. Wright thought it would be good to expose our students to their personal responsibilities about their health. If there was nothing wrong with the student, then he/ she would be told about what to do to stay healthy. There were a lot of representatives there-  the Heat Program (the sexually transmitted infection table), Dynamite Youth(drug abuse information), Cornell University (nutrition / health), Maimonides Hospital (for testing blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, vision, and body mass index), the Flaghouse(The Catch Program), Brooklyn Sexual Assault Team, the Fire Safety Department / Fire Recruiting Department, The Department of Health, alcohol abuse info, health literature, games, trivia, and giveaways. This was all to show kids the importance of good health.  In addition to useful information, students were able to play interactive games related to health issues. Donations were made by Singers, Balance Body Inc., Goody, American Heart Association, the Department of Health, MADD, and FDR High School. The growing epidemic of childhood obesity and overall poor health of today’s adolescents inspired the staff of FDR to become proactive.  A special thanks goes out to all the members of the Health and Physical Education Department for this memorable day.  Remember to eat your veggies!