Freshman of the Month Tatiana Espinal


Michealla Aprigliano, Reporter

Freshman (800x533)

This month’s Freshman of the Month is TatianaEspinal. She chose FDR as her High School, because she heard it was a good school, and that it was very diverse. A diverse school was exactly what Tatiana was looking for. She wants to join the Robotic Club, because Mr. Catalano made it seem interesting. She would also like to join the Girls Basketball team. Tatiana says her experience has been wonderful, even though she gets lost in the hallways- don’t worry everyone in their freshman year gets lost at some point. Tatiana loves all of her teachers, because they are kind and motivate her to do better. This brings her a type of assurance to reach her goals. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Catalano, because he’s amazing and she loves the way he teaches. Tatiana believes she was chosen to be this month’s Freshman of the Month because of her work ethic. Tatiana was nominated by Mr. Catalano, she has been working hard since school started. Keep up the good work!!