Senior of the Month Vlad Zakrzhevskyy


Michealla Aprigliano, Reporter

Senior (480x700)Vlad Zakrzhevskyy is this October’s Senior of the Month. He was the sound producer for the Talent and Multi-Cultural shows. In addition, he worked on the production of Guys and Dolls, Rumors, and Grease. Vlad is also on the FDR newspaper and yearbook. He wants to attend St. John’s Pharmaceutical Program after he graduates. Over his 4 years being at FDR, Vlad’s favorite teacher is “The Great Father” Sullivan, because he is an amazing and interesting teacher. Vlad’s recommends to the underclassmen is that they should start studying and taking hard classes from freshman year until junior year, so you can relax as a senior! Also, you should join clubs, get involved, and gain friends along the way. If Vlad could change one thing about his high school experience, he would’ve studied and participated more during his freshman year. Vlad believes he was chosen because Serhey was already chosen last year (he was also standing right next to him). It is somewhat true, but Vlad is smart and has participated in many clubs. VladZakrzhevskyy deserved to be the Senior of the Month!