Sophomore of the Month Jennifer Garcia


Michealla Aprigliano, Reporter

Sophomore (800x533)This issues Sophomore of the Month is Jennifer Garcia. She loves being at FDR so far. She believes the teachers understand and help students having trouble as much as they can. Jennifer hasn’t joined any clubs yet, but plans to try out for cheerleading this year. Her favorite class is Global, because she believes it’s always interesting to learn about the past. She thinks she’s doing very well in school so far. She has been studying, as well as getting help from her teachers if she doesn’t understand a topic. Jennifer’s advice for upcoming sophomores is to study harder than you did last year. Even though you must do well every year, this year is tougher and the expectations are higher. Jennifer wouldn’t change schools, because she’s doing great here and wouldn’t want to be at any other school. She believes she was selected as Sophomore of the Month because of her hard work. Since freshman year, she has tried to do her best so she can assure herself a bright future. Good job, Jennifer.