The Freshman Are Here!


Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

IMG_1797 (800x533)The Freshmen Orientation that was held on August 30th, and I have to say that each year it gets better and better. It was an amazing experience, and I met so many freshmen, who seemed pretty excited to be spending there 4 years at FDR High School. When I asked some of the freshmen, what did they expect before coming to this school, most of them said, “We didn’t expect this school to be this big.” Well, this school is really big! I remember when I was a freshmen- I was late to all my classes, because I just couldn’t find the classroom. Don’t worry, as time passes, you’ll get used to it!

Now, talking about your freshmen year at FDR High School- You need 8 credits to be a sophomore! So try to work hard, pass all your classes, and maintain a good average throughout the entire year. Oh, and FDR has a lot of clubs to join, like A LOT! This includes: Key Club, Environmentalist Club, Robotics Club, and much more. Also, if you are a fan of sports, consider trying out for a team. Football, Volleyball, Basketball, you name it! The more you get involved, the better it is. You get to make a lot of new friends, and at the same time, you’re doing something that you enjoy!

Cutting is a problem at every high school, but I really don’t see anything “cool” in cutting. First off, you’re missing an entire lesson, and second it’s really insane. I don’t see anyone benefiting from cutting! Don’t cut, because at the end, you’ll regret it!  At some point Sully or Klyap are going to catch you and give you detention. Other than that, make the most out of your high school years. These are the years you’re going to remember the most.