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Peer Mediation Is Here For You!


DSC_0092 (800x533)Have you ever had the feeling that the only way to solve a problem was to resort to violence? Many students may feel that way, but this does not have to be the case. Taking the time to talk and understand each other, helps resolve issues without anyone getting hurt.  Peer Mediation exists to do just that. Peer Mediation is a program which helps resolve disputes between two or more people, improves self-esteem, and enhances the school’s environment for learning. At the helm of this program is Ms.Simone and Ms. Gobin, assisted by 26 student mediators. The New Dealer asked a few questions to better understand what are some of the goals and challenges of Peer Mediation.

What is the goal of Peer Mediation?

Ms Simone: “Our goal is to improve the school’s environment and reduce conflict by finding a solution acceptable between students.”

Ms.Gobin: “We also help kids to be self- aware of their surroundings and increase their listening the critical thinking skills.”

What are some of the challenges for Peer Mediators?

Ms.Gobin: “A major challenge is the reluctance of young adults to come and solve conflict. Sometimes, students are embarrassed or scared to go to Peer Mediation or don’t come at all. We want students to know that we’re here to help them come to an understanding with each other.”

Ms.Simone: “A lot of problems students have end up escalating, because they do not address them right away. They aren’t aware that they can come at anytime.”

One thing that students should be aware of is that Peer Mediation is not a place for advice; rather it’s there to resolve conflict and help students deal with future conflicts. Peer Mediation is looking for new members. Currently, there are 26 mediators who assist students, but many are graduating seniors who won’t be around for the next school year. Sophomores and juniors are encouraged to see Ms. Simone or Ms.Gobin if you are interested in becoming a mediator. Peer Mediation is available from periods 5-8 in room 137.

The next time there is tension between you and someone else, instead of fighting, stop by Peer Mediation and resolve the issue. You can improve student life, while contributing to FDR’s unity!

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