Sophmore of the Month – Besmira Alija

Sophmore of the Month - Besmira Alija

Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

This month’s Sophomore of the Month is Besmira Alija. Her global teacher, Ms. Morris, nominated her for the award. Besmira personally loves FDR, because she has met amazing people that are extremely friendly. Besmira feels her teachers are motivating and encouraging her to do her best. She has joined the Student Ambassadors and the Henna Club. She is also joining the Softball team this upcoming season. Besmira feels it would be interesting if FDR created a swim team. She thinks it would be hard to have one at the moment, but maybe in the next 4-5 years her dream will come true. She believes she is doing extremely well in all her classes. Global History, Chemistry, Geometry, and Photography are Besmira’s favorite classes. Her advice for upcoming sophomores is to work hard, stay determined, and if you want to accomplish something, do not doubt yourself. Besmira believes she was selected because she is ambitious and determined to be the top ranked senior two years from now. According to Ms. Morris, Besmira is a history machine. Keep up the good work, and we hope you make number one!