Staffer of the Month- Ms. Wong


Mohammed Farhan Mohsin, Reporter

Our new Staffer of the Month is none other than Ms. Wong! Ms. Wong has been teaching freshman Algebra at our school for four years now. In fact, I was one of her first students at FDR. Ms. Wong loves the atmosphere here at FDR, because she thinks there are an abundance of dedicated students ready to make a change in their future. Ms. Wong always loved working with kids, and she really enjoys teaching Algebra. She believes that Algebra forms the building blocks of math. She also likes teaching freshmen, because she likes it when past freshmen come back to see her. I know his is true, because when I went to interview her, the class was swarming with sophomores who were her students last year. She feels that FDR is her second home, and she even has students who actually call her “mom”. Ms. Wong enjoys teaching graphing to her students, because it involves visual and hands-on work. Ms. Wong is currently in the process of completing her Masters in Instructional Technology. One of her future goals, here at FDR, is to start a class that revolves around technology. Apart from her life at FDR, Ms. Wong also likes dancing. Anyone interested in ballet classes should contact her, because she teaches ballets to beginners! In addition, Ms. Wong loves travelling. So far, Ms. Wong has ventured to the picturesque Caribbean Islands of Jamaica and Bermuda.  She even traveled to Mexico. She currently aspires to spend some time in Europe. Ms. Wong’s contributions to our school are surely noteworthy, as she makes a difference at our school everyday. We are all fortunate to have you here! We hope you continue to teach and inspire many Cougars in the future!