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AP for All! An Interview With Ms. Melendez


In this interview, The New Dealer was honored to have a moment with Ms. Melendez, the AP Human Geography teacher. Within this interview, Ms. Melendez discusses what it has been like teaching an Advanced Placement class to the freshman population of FDR.

What are the struggles of teaching an AP class to freshmen?

It is a dilemma not knowing the skills my students come in with since they are new to the school. Because I teach an Advanced Placement course, there are prerequisites and requirements that they are unaware of and were not expecting. 

What are the goals that you have for your AP Human Geography Class?

My goal is for them to enjoy the material. It is unlike anything I have taught before so it is both a new experience for me and my students. My other goal, of course, is for my students to pass the AP Exam.

What lessons have you learned while teaching an Advanced Placement class to the freshmen population?

I’m learning all the lessons along with them! I’m getting to learn about my students, their struggles, how to present the material in the most efficient way, and how to make the course enjoyable rather than building it off of memorization.

What are some challenges you faced while teaching this course to your students?

Finding material to supplement the lessons while ensuring that they are able to connect to it. While it is a challenge, it is one that I am willing to take on!

What has been your proudest teacher moment this year?

Seeing that my students are understanding the material even though it is unfamiliar to many of them. Again, since this course is unlike anything I’ve taught before, I had my concerns about whether my students will understand the materials and the concepts. Their lack of confusion reassures my concerns about the way they are processing the lessons and that truly makes me very happy!

What additional resources are provided for your students to aid them throughout the course?

I utilize a lot of current event articles, interactive online activities, and websites about maps analysis. Since the course is AP Human Geography, my students have to master different types of maps. Going online and using interactive resources are great because most students love material that is both interactive and online.

What message do you have for incoming freshmen who are interested in taking this course?

Do not be afraid to take an Advanced Placement class. While it is a college level course, with hard work and persistence students will excel in this course, even if they are freshmen.

A special thanks to Ms. Melendez for taking the time to discuss this exciting new course at FDR! If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to Ms. Melendez at:

[email protected]

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