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CS Fair 2024: Your Gateway to STEM


Exploring New Careers at the CS Fair 2024: Your Gateway to Opportunities in Computer Science

This past March 28th, the annual CS Fair opened its doors yet again to students from the AP Computer Science A (CSA) and Computer Science Principles (CSP) at FDR, offering a glimpse into the busy and evolving field of computer science, data science, AI, and robotics. The event was at Columbia University, in New York City. It wasn’t just about robots or AI technology. It was about the showcase of the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for students interested in Computer Science with computer science skills. If you aren’t a CS student already, consider it! Here’s why:

A Meeting Point for Aspiring Minds

The CS Fair acted as a safe space where young minds met experts from diverse fields such as tech, finance, media, education, and retail. It allowed students to explore the diversity of Computer Science in this decade. Students had the chance to interact with coders, developers, designers, business managers, and more, gaining insights into the real-world applications of what they learn in classrooms. It wasn’t just about coding, robotics, or AI; instead, it was to push young minds further into the field through interactive engagement in the form of games, internships, and classes available after and during high school.

Why Computer Science?

Computer science is more than coding. It’s a tool for problem-solving, inventiveness, and creativity. Whether it’s through developing software that can change how we interact with the world or by creating systems that improve everyday life, computer science is at the heart of innovation. This field offers a multitude of career paths with roles ranging from developers to product managers, and from data analysts to cybersecurity experts.

Highlights from the Fair

  • Interactive Booths: From major companies like Microsoft and Google to startups like Kickstarter and Etsy, the fair presented a chance to interact with industry giants and rising stars alike. We were offered college information and coding classes as well!
  • Workshops and Demos: Sessions on AI in robotics, web development, and blockchain applications offered hands-on experiences, making the theoretical parts of computer science palpable and exciting. We got to create movies by describing scenes to AI!
  • Prize Draws: Engaging activities were rewarded with exciting prizes like Nintendo Switches and Apple AirPods Max, adding excitement to the learning environment. In fact, someone from FDR won a pair of glasses and a pro-video-taking kit!

Empowering Young Women in STEM

A standout aspect of the fair was its focus on empowering young women. With initiatives like Girls Who Code presented at the fair, young women were encouraged to break traditional boundaries and picture themselves as leaders in tech. While we strive for diversity, our classes at FDR for STEM are limited and this was an amazing opportunity for students to see how they could learn more about their dream felid! If you would like to take AP CSA without robotics experience, speak to Mr. Hans @ 404! 

Looking Ahead

The CS Fair was not just an event to enjoy but a chance to explore potential futures in the field of Computer Science. It highlighted that the field of computer science is large yet welcoming, ready to welcome those who are curious and eager to be a part of it. For students wondering about their next steps post-high school, it was a chance to see what’s ahead in real time!

So, if you’ve ever been curious about the power of coding, the mysteries of AI, or the impact of software development, remember—the doors to these adventures are open. The CS Fair was just a preview of what’s possible when you choose to step through it.

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