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Favorite Memories of FDR, From the Class of 2024’s Top Ten


As our 2023 to 2024 school year is reaching its end, The New Dealer presents the favorite memories and reflections from Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School’s Top Ten.

Angelina R.

My best memory at FDR, over the past four years, was spending the summer before my senior year working at FDR as a student aide and growing closer with those around me.

When I came into the position, I was unfamiliar with the two other student aides-Abby, a rising junior, and Allen, a rising sophomore. That soon changed the more we worked together. The tasks originally were daunting and monotonous, especially when working alone. However, when the three of us-Abby, Allen, I- began working together, that’s when we made some of the best memories that I’m sure I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Whether it was frantically distributing calculators at the last minute for Regents examinations, spending our mornings clearing out a hot, dusty storage closet, or spending time after work getting food and playing Crazy 8, we had a significant amount of fun being together. Eventually, we regarded each other as our siblings and expanded our school family. With the amount of time we spent working for Ms. Raza, Principal Katz’s secretary, and Mr. Catalano, the Assistant Principal of Mathematics and Testing, we also regarded them as our school parents, because they constantly looked out for us.

While I can pinpoint numerous core memories I’ve made with them, my overall fondest memory was meeting them and having one of the best summers of my high school years.

Michelle R.

Attending FDR High School was definitely an odd experience with the beginning portion of my high school years being online. To be completely honest, I’m not really sure what to write about, because my high school years weren’t very eventful. However, one distinct memory tied to this school was going on the Brooklyn Bridge trip Mr. Bernardi organized in 2022. It was a nice trip, and we had the chance to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn. A couple of my friends went on the trip, and it was a nice event to attend after taking the AP World History test in Sophomore year. We walked in the park under the Brooklyn Bridge as well, which was a pretty great addition to the experience. I hope I can get a chance to walk on the bridge again sometime soon with my friends or my family, since it is a great experience and a nice view to see. There were a couple of good memories and experiences I had going to FDR High School, and the walk on the Brooklyn Bridge was certainly one of my favorite memories.

Kevin L.

My favorite memory at FDR in the last four years was the Science Expo last year. I was with my entire Physics class, as we presented our group projects. It was really refreshing to see so many random projects. The major school activities, like the Culture Fest, Science Expo, and Six Flag trips, are really fun, because so many of us talk and laugh on those days. I recall seeing people who were awkwardly glancing at the thing they were most familiar with – the paper roller coasters with a marble rolling down, since they were too awkward to walk up and look around at the Physics class tables with LED light circuits and photo sensors. Yet, from these events, I remembered food to be the target of each one of us, the rock candy table was swarmed with so many people. That being said, anytime there are major events in any part of life, don’t forget there can always be an opportunity to get something from the events, so it is always worth participating.

Raima O.

Though I have gathered many endearing moments at FDR, one memory that has my heart was during the ‘Senior lock-in.’ That night, my friends and I decided to play a round of hide-seek on the first floor. As we divided ourselves into two groups, the countdown began 1..2..3… Hearing the numbers go by quickly, the two of us found ourselves wandering cluelessly, eventually hiding in the corner underneath one of the tables in the cafeteria. Knowing our friends well, we were confident in our hiding spot, assuming the others would take years to find us. The few minutes of boredom led us to take out our popcorn bags and snack on them. As we were munching on our popcorn, a hand grabbed our shoulders, startling the two of us and causing us both to let out a scream. Within a few moments, we all burst into laughter realizing the funniness of the moment. That day, we all relived our childhood once again!!!😃

Volodymyr P.

I would say the most memorable moment at FDR would be partaking in Culture Fest, as the numerous venues and attractions exposed me to different cultures and helped foster an appreciation for my own heritage. Not to mention, the ability to communicate and collaborate with others in the form of various activities, fostered long-lasting relationships which I am fond of to this day. I would highly recommend anyone to participate in Culture Fest, since the experience to enrich yourself in an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community is truly what makes FDR a second home to all of us. The lessons and values which I absorbed from my time at FDR are something I will cherish for the vast remainder of my life, and so I would strongly encourage everyone to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to formulate eternal connections and challenge their preconceived viewpoints.

Milagro, C.

My favorite memory at FDR were the variety of trips I had the opportunity to go on. Whether it was visiting Six Flags, Dorney Park, or attending a musical, each trip was filled with excitement and joy. I had a great time and created amazing memories with the people around me that I will cherish. The trips at FDR were a great opportunity to make new friends and get out of our shells. Trying new things like going to a musical for the first time, shows that school trips are a great opportunity for students to try new things and also make new memories and friends at FDR.

Lisa N.

My favorite memory at FDR was during my sophomore year at Cultural Fest. It was an unforgettable experience where people were able to get a glimpse of the numerous cultures that our school has. There was a variety of music, crafts, and food that everyone got to try and enjoy. It was a day where friends got to have a lot of fun with one another. I remember taking pictures with my friends and exploring a variety of cultures with them. Through this event, students and staff were able to feel more united through the sharing of their different cultures. There were many people dressed in traditional attire and you could feel the excitement and energy that everyone had towards the event.

Adrian C.

For me, there hasn’t been a specific favorite memory over the last four years at FDR. Rather it’s the adventure I’ve been on. Yeah it sounds cliche, but you have to understand that high school only lasts for four years. Take into the consideration the little things. Walking with friends to a class, having the same lunch period, or even spending time cramming for some exam. Those “little things” count toward building the bigger picture; fun and cherishable memories that last a lifetime. Oh yeah don’t forget to have some fun every now and then, it’s important :D.

Vanessa Zheng N.

My favorite memory at FDR would be my gym period during my senior year. It is a class where I have the most fun with my friends, because there is no day where we are not dying of laughter. During this class, I am able to take a break from the academic aspect of school and just be able to alleviate myself.

Alexander H.

My time in the FDR community was quite a rollercoaster, I must admit. From the troublesomely-technological start that I (and the class of 2024) call freshman year with mostly everyone learning remotely, to the now waning senior year that was (and still is) full of events, an even mixture of enjoyment and stress, it’s been quite an experience. I must admit that there were times when I wanted to get off, but there were also times that I wanted nothing more than to remain on the ride. Reminiscing is a beautiful thing, and I’d be more than happy to share a memory of mine in this building with you, the reader. My favorite memory had to have been from AP Calculus BC with Ms. Acciarito. I had originally met her through the Honor Society, and I was very pleased to see that I would be in her class for my last year here. For starters, the class lasts for two periods instead of just one, and the material is said to be some of the toughest that there is. Even with all that, she managed to make the class as fun as possible. Whether it be by starting off the day right with a puzzle or trivia, to religiously wearing pink on Wednesdays, every day was something new. Every day was something fun. Ms. Acciarito claimed that the moment that we signed up to take the course, we were to be married to Calculus, which proved to be a rocky relationship, an inherent life lesson. The moment that we finished the AP Exam for the class marked our divorce, but Calculus proved to not be the cruel mistress that we made it out to be. Like most Disney movies (which she loves), we all lived happily ever after, and now I wait anxiously for the ambiguous future that we call ‘adulthood.’

Hopefully you enjoyed reading through our memories at FDR! A special congratulation from the entire Cougar Family, to the Class of 2024, on all you have achieved.

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