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Maximizing Your Summer


It’s that time of year again…Summer. The long-awaited vacation has finally arrived. It’s time to enjoy the hot summer breeze and hang out with friends or maybe even lay flat on your bed in an air-conditioned room. Whatever you choose, here are some ways to get the most out of your summer in preparation for the new school year.

General Advice

Before hopping into this article, we need to go through some tips that apply to any year of high school. Firstly, TIME MANAGEMENT. Do you see that? It’s bolded AND in caps. It is really important to understand how much time you will be spending on anything, whether it’s working on schoolwork or doing your hobbies. Being behind is not a good feeling and it can feel overwhelming to catch up so instead of waiting until the last minute (yes I’m talking to you), dedicate some time to start the assignment right away. It’s less work for your future self. Generally, to see how much time you are going to take with an assignment, multiply the predicted amount of time to complete the assignment by 1.5. This gives you a rough estimate of the time of completion (predicted time x 1.5). Also, don’t let opportunities pass you by, in the long run, it can be very beneficial. Too scared to apply for something? Do it scared, the experiences gained and memories made far outweigh any nervous feeling that is felt at that moment.

Freshmen Summer

Congratulations on completing your first year in high school! It was a challenge, however, you persevered through the obstacles that came your way. The rest of your high school career depends on what you do now. Consider taking a few Advanced Placement(AP) classes. Not only do they look good for colleges, but passing the exam earns you college credit- it means you pay LESS for college. If AP classes sound too rigorous, you can also consider College Now classes. They take place first period every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday meaning you get the first period of Monday and Friday to yourself. These classes have the same impact as AP classes without a huge workload. Also, consider finding volunteering/ interning opportunities. These can build your character for the better. The earlier you start, the better. Lastly, don’t overwork yourself and still have fun.

Sophomore Summer

Woohoo, another year of high school has gone by. This summer is a perfect time to explore your interests on a deeper level. Try to find community opportunities that pair up with your interest and maybe even start a passion project. Whether it’s cleaning up a park, joining an organization that interests you, or even interning at a local business, gaining experience now can give you a better idea of what you might do in the future. Additionally, use this summer to prepare for the PSAT. Practicing early can make a significant difference in your scores and you are able to focus more on schoolwork than the looming pressure of standardized tests. During the school year, join a few clubs as it is important and can impact your extracurricular activities.

Junior Summer

3 years…It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Time to be a senior.The better you spend your summer doing important things, the less stress you have as a senior (I’m being so serious right now). Start preparing for the SAT. I recommend Khan Academy’s free practice tests located in the “SAT” section of the website. Moreover, start visiting colleges to get a sense of what is in store for you. Pay keen attention to the environment and whether or not you would want to go there. This is also a great time to work on your COLLEGE APPLICATION (they open sometime in August). Think about topics to write your college essay about and preferably start as soon as possible to get through your million drafts. Start asking previous teachers at the START of the school year for letters of recommendation. In doing so, the teacher is not bombarded with requests and you don’t need to worry about it afterward, so it’s a win-win situation.

Senior Summer

You made it! It’s your final summer before college or work, so make it count! Consider a part-time job or internship to save money for college expenses and gain valuable work experience. Relax a bit but don’t get too comfortable, college or the work force are just around the corner. Enjoy your time with friends and family. You might look back on this moment several years from now and who knows…a smile will appear on your face.

Other Notes: (no particular order)

-Build a good relationship with teachers, they are helpful in so many ways and can make the class even more enjoyable than it is now.

-Join clubs!!! They have a huge impact and you get to meet people who also have the same interests as you.

-Have a proper school/ work/ life balance and everything will be alright. (Although this seems hard, it definitely is possible).

-Start knowing HOW you study. No studying method works for everyone. To name a few, the Pomodoro method (25 min work, 5 min break, etc.) or the Feynman technique (Pretend you are teaching that subject to a class, any information you are missing while explaining it means that you should review it more).

Getting a Breath Of Fresh Air

Considering all these tips, remember that it’s your summer. Do what you want with it and enjoy it to your heart’s content. School is important but so is your time and what you spend it on. Go outside, have fun, go to the park, and touch some grass. Whatever it is, make sure you are enjoying it! 

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