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What Advice Do Our Seniors Have For Their Underclassmen Cougars?


In the year 2024, we are expecting many of our wonderful seniors to graduate and take a step into their future. Our seniors have spent these last 4 years making new friends, experiencing new things, and learning new things, making them the people they are today. We have interviewed some of our graduating seniors and asked them, “What is one piece of advice you would give to your underclassmen?.”

Here are the pieces of advice they have given:

“You should join as many clubs, activities, and teams as possible. These four years might seem like it’s a long time, however, it will pass by quickly. That’s why you should take the opportunities and join as many activities as possible. You gain new knowledge, new experiences, new friends, and memories you will never forget.”

– Arzo A.

“One piece of advice I would give is that you should use these four years to live your youth and have a lot of fun. Of course, your grades and your classes are also very important, but you should not forget that these four years will be the last time you will be able to act like a kid, use this time to make the most of this experience and have as much fun as you can. Live for yourself!”

Mubinakhon M.

“I recommend that you shouldn’t try to balance multiple things at once. Take for example you have a passion for math and would like to focus on that one subject, you shouldn’t take so many classes that you know you can not handle. Especially your junior year, we know how stressful junior year is and how important it is, don’t give yourself more stress by partaking in a lot of extracurricular activities and filling up your schedule then spend time worrying about them. It’s good if you take AP classes and partake in extra circulars, I have taken many myself, but do so in moderation, because taking too much won’t lead to anything good.” 

– Ksenya L.

“The advice I would give is that you should always follow your dreams and that you should always think about the decisions you make.  Things can happen in life that might cause your determination to achieve your goal, to falter, but you should never let that stop you in your tracks. Also, you must focus on your work but simultaneously focus on yourself. “

– Noah B.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to not stress yourself out by participating in multiple activities, trust me you will burn yourself out. I am speaking out of experience, as a sophomore I tried to join everything, well let me tell you that did not end well. Take part in clubs and other school activities but with reasonable limits. Another piece of advice I would give specifically to incoming Juniors, AP classes are great, they’re AMAZING, however, make sure to also take college now classes. These classes automatically give you 3 college credits as long as you pass the class, no tests needed!” 

-Zahara A.

“Some advice I would give to the underclassmen is that you should pay attention to your classes, lock in, listen to your teachers, don’t walk the halls, and don’t skip your classes. The actions you take in high school will affect you in college, think wisely before doing anything. And of course, don’t forget to have fun, meet new people, make good friends, and don’t forget to join extracurriculars those are also important.” 

– Muhammad D.

We thank all of the seniors who have shared their experiences and advice for their underclassmen. We all wish them a wonderful graduation and the best wishes for their future. The Seniors of 2024 will be missed!

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