Freshman of the Month- William Byrd


Michealla Aprigliano, Reporter

William Byrd was nominated by Dr. Alvarez and Ms Leibowitz. He has joined the Boy’s Tennis team and the Future Business Leader of America, also known as the FBLA. He hopes to become a Student Ambassador if he remembers to hand in the application! William believes his teachers are motivating him in school. He also believes that they want him to succeed and are willing to push him to his limit. His favorite teacher is Ms. Agard, because even when he’s negative, she tells him to be positive. William is so far enjoying his experience here at FDR. He has a couple of friends and feels like it’s easy to navigate. William believes it could have been anyone receiving this honor and that he’s nothing special. I believe he’s wrong. We don’t just go and pick a random person from the hallway! You were chosen by two different people, because they think you’re smart and special!