Sophomore of the Month – Aziza Zaitova


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

pg 5, pic 2 (800x533)Congratulations to Aziza Zaitova for being named the Sophomore of the Month. Aziza is really glad that she attends FDR. She believes the teaching community is amazing and the students are great. Aziza thinks she is doing relatively well in all her classes.  Her favorite class is Trigonometry with Mr. Moskos. Aziza is involved with the FDR Theatre Guild, but she hopes that she can join more clubs when she has free time. Aziza wishes students would be more involved in extracurricular activities. For you up and coming sophomores, Aziza’s advice is, “don’t slack in any of your class!” She noticed that sophomore year is when grades go “down hill,” so don’t let it happen to you!  Aziza thinks she was selected to be Sophomore of the Month, because she has a 98% average- that dye on her head hasn’t affected her brain. I believe Aziza did a fantastic job playing Frenchy in this year’s FDR musical Grease. She deserves to be the Sophomore of the Month, because she works hard and has cool hair. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!