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The New Dealer

Time Is Its Own, Tempo.

“A Poetic Guide to your remaining years in the Educational Nutshell”

New beginnings, such a worn out phrase.

New environment? Yet it feels you have deja vu’.

“New Slate!” As long as you know there once was, the slate will never be clean.

Not to be harsh or mean, but Education is a flow. As, Time is it’s own, Tempo.

Allow me; Fresh and new. Nothing is fresh or new. Guaranteed it’s been here before you.  You’ve been around im sure,  so you cannot be fresh or new. So “Fresh” is who?

What, not a Who. Your ideas, minds and beliefs are fresh. You expand what was before you, bringing your beliefs to be true.

This is the “Fresh” developing what I have not one clue, but individually, you all will soon.

Allow me again; Then the “soph” year comes along the emotional cruise, and egotistical bruise we all walk out with. You’ll know soon I promise, but first deal with all the “soph” dramas.

This year will prove true, sometimes you must touch the stove to know if it’s hot, no matter how many times you’re told not. In all honesty, at times it will be cold, whilst others you’ll get scorched and face some form of external/internal scold. Then you’ll have a story to be told, you’ll paint yourself out to be ohh so bold.

Eventually, as it all gets old you’ll think; Why was I even touching that damned Stove? That’s the vision from the rear, coming from the Mid “Junior” Year.

Pardon me; The Rigorous critical, life threatening, break you or make you, “Junior Leash” society paints it out to be. While it’s more like leasing less hours of sleep, to restrict yourself of being free. All for minor priorities?

The “Junior” year will be as fun as you make it out to be. Allow yourself time, to flow with the chimes of the SAT and all those AP’s; Can’t forget the Regents but all in all, the possibility of you getting through it is always higher than you not. So why not just take off that “Junior Year” leash, and be Educationally expansive and let the “Junior” in you be released? Whilst of course, remembering to water daily, that SAT Tree.

Allow me once more, for my fellow seniors and those who succeed us. I have not much knowledge to speak apon this year yet, but I wll say; In our rhythms we must place our trust.

We were once, “Fresh” to our own minds, and “Soph” to others, and “Juniors” to our big Education Brother’s ; but now we are Seniors to not only ourselves, yet many other names somewhere on our counselors shelves. Seen so much change, school schedules and bells, we believe we seen it all.

I’ll say we have much more to haul forward to the end of the 4 year tread, alongside our Peers, and there’s no better place to do it rather than here, in senior year. Whether we row social networks, tow our accolades, grow anew relationships as we prevail. Ornamenting it all with a nice seniority bow. Cruise the senioritis with a graduating flow, there is one thing for certain that all seniors know…

Time is unexcpected, essential, not promised, and most importantly shared; As for Time is it’s own, Tempo.

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