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Not All Who Wander Are Lost.


A poem I wrote on February 4th of 2021 in response to the Societal Disruptions and chaotic atmosphere surrounding the world. Unfortunately, this is just as, and debatably, more applicable to today’s society. I formatted this poem so it can execute attempts to be relative to the time at which it is read, and to the individual who is reading it.

A New age and Era is imminent.

The Displacement of Morals and Respect,

There are those who will follow,

And others who will keep them in check.

Lives taken, social norms being broken,

Unity being awoken within, to stand beside our own kin.

Against those who act on their vindictive will,

Young Black Boy when they pull those guns don’t run stand still.

Young Woman, sit down and shut your mouth, you have nothing the Man wants to hear about.

Young Being do not express, or speak on your beliefs, stay hidden.

As for who you are is a riddance.

On these concepts of History, I Ponder at what cost?

But yet again I recall, Not all who Wander are Lost.

We are taught those things young,

So as we get older it is stuck to the cells on our tounges.

We must properly educate our children as knowledge is a gift many can bestow,

So in our futures we can prevent this social drift due to the knowledge we behold.

Discrimination is a disease many have attempted to cure,

But it is hard as for it varies in size and form like branches from a tree, rooted to the base.

But don’t forget, so do we, and we mustn’t allow Old Principles to evolve and give reason to the end of the humane race.

Wealth, the Rich and the Poor,

When the Rich man is bored or wants more,

He comes knocking at the Poor mans door and sends him to war.

The Rich has fun as he sends the Poor man on the Run firing and wailing his Gun,

Yet they don’t understand when they open their eyes in the morning,

They watch the Rise of the Same Sun.

We must Emancipate ourselves from these ways,

To concentrate on freeing one’s self from these mental Slaverys they have embedded in our brains,

We must free our people from these Psychological strains, we must free ourselves from these Historical pains.

Now like I,

You may Ponder, at what Cost?

To your attention this was Brought,

As of now,

Your mind may be all caught up in thought.

But no need to worry,

Not all who Wander are Lost.


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