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Forget everything you thought you knew about fantasy football going into the 2015 season. Maybe not everything, but we’re only four weeks in, and there have been plenty surprises happening. Some owners already need a huge comeback, for the setbacks of the last four weeks. Don’t worry; The Decider is here to help with targeted advice to help you.  We don’t discuss the obvious here.  Rogers is the man.  These are the other guys you need to target!

Fantasy QBs to Get:

Andy Dalton, QB, Bengals: Big Red is the big man on campus right now.  He is loaded with weapons from Green to Eifert in the air, and he has a one two punch on the ground with Bernard and Hill.  Dalton has had hot starts before, but this time it might be for real.  If you have Dalton, he is one of the better must starts.

Guys on the up: Carr (One word- Amari) , Rivers (Solid Vet), Palmer (Stay healthy my friend)

Fantasy QBs to Avoid

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Dolphins:  Tannehill has had one great performance, and three so-so effort, making us confused on how he is going to play during the season. The good news is, Miami trusts him to throw often, the problem is he is throwing it at the other team too much, with 5 INTs in the last two weeks. Heading into the bye week, Tanny is a possible drop.  Plus his coach got fired.  Good luck figuring out what happens in Miami.

Matthew Stafford, Lions: You might think he has his receivers like Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate will get him some points, but he’s facing a nasty defense in Arizona coming up. They can keep both receivers in check while also getting in his face. No thanks, again.

Three more: Drew Brees (Shoulder remains a question), Sam Bradford (One good game.  Not buying yet)

Fantasy RBs On The Up:

Devanta Freeman, Atlanta: Video game numbers right now.  A star is born?  If he does it three weeks in a row, he will lead you to the fantasy promise land!

Three more: T.J. Yeldon (Getting touches to be a starter), Duke Johnson  (Getting better every week), Latavius Murray (Don’t be scared away by one career fumble)

Fantasy RBs to avoid:

C.J. Anderso, Broncos:  It is time to call a bust a bust.  Ronnie Hillman is rising quick.  The coaching staff is about to make him the man.  Perfect fit for the Bronco offense right now.

Three more: DeMarco Murray/Ryan Mathews (A fantasy mess), Rashad Jennings (Too many chefs in the kitchen right now)

Fantasy WRs on the up:

Brandon Marshall, Jets: Ryan Fitzpatrick will target him a ton. Marshall already has done well in a couple of tough match-ups. A week off coming up.  Look for Marshall make some noise going forward.

Three more: Allen Robinson (Bortles main target), Jarvis Landry (The only good thing in Miami), Kendall Wright (After the bye will be Marcus’s guy).

Fantasy WRs to avoid:

Terrance Williams, Cowboys: Not a prime time player.  Just not Dez!

Three more: Brandin Cooks (Too much talent to do this little), Golden Tate (Stafford running for his life), Charles Johnson (Good enough in Canada, but this is the NFL.)


Good luck on this week!

– The Decider