Abandonment- Poetry


Stephanie Lahens, Poet

The following poem was inspired by the novel Ordinary People

Your name is Beth.

Your son is eighteen.

Something is wrong.

He needs you.

But even though you’re only 10 centimeters away,

You can’t be found.

You can’t be found.

You chose to let him live rather than have an abortion.

Yet, here you are forcing him to endure this persecution.

He is not to blame!

And deep down, you know if Jordan could he’d say the same.

A child needs his mother

Especially when he witnessed the death of his brother,

But you refuse to acknowledge his presence.

Though you don’t say it, he knows… this is your version of comeuppance.

Your name is Beth

And your only living son is eighteen

But because his effort to save his drowning brother failed

To you he’s good as dead

Participating in the trauma that led to his attempt at suicide.

Conrad is only eighteen,

But in his short lifeā€¦.

He’s been dealt the knife

His brother is gone

And since the favorite is ashes on the ground

His mother is done.