The Shooting of an Illinois Security Guard

The Shooting of an Illinois Security Guard

Melanie Justiniano, Reporter

Jemel Roberson was a 26 year old, armed security guard who worked at a bar. He was shot by Chicago policemen, who reported they asked Robinson to put his gun down multiple times. The police department claimed that Roberson had no attire that stated he was a security guard, but his mother claimed that he always wore a hat that said security. Even so, many witnesses at the scene yelled at the officers, informing them that Roberson was a security guard. Roberson was trying to detain a person who was also armed, fired their gun at the bar, and injured a couple of people.
Overall, Roberson was trying to do his job, and was killed during the process.

Some claim that if the officers that arrived at the scene had previously known Roberson, they would’ve reacted different. Others speculate that they shot Roberson, simply because they saw an armed black man. Officers speculate that if Midtholian County officers arrived at the scene, rather than Robbins County officers, they could’ve recognized Roberson as a security guard. His death would’ve been avoidable.This is one of many incidents that show that police procedures need to change. As of right now, officers shoot to kill, which is not always necessary. Perhaps if they were trained to aim for hands, or legs, there would be less fatality, or ‘police brutality’ reports. Many lives have been lost due to outdated procedures, and as people are encouraged to carry guns, to ‘prevent’ mass shootings, even more lives are put at stake.

In defense, its been reported that although Roberson was licensed to carry a gun, it has not been proven that he was licensed to carry his gun while at work. Whether or not, his uniform claimed that he was a security guard, the situation could’ve been avoidable if police procedures change. This situation did not need to be a “friendly-fire” situation, but rather just an injury.

The media is always reporting police officers, in various states, shooting and killing innocent, or guilty people. It is a lot better if they aim to take down, rather than to kill, because if an arrest needs to be made, it can be made; and there would not be any fatalities. This does not apply to a situation where the police officer’s life specifically is at risk, where a perpetrator is pointing the weapon at them. This was not the case with Jemel Roberson. His death could’ve been prevented, and any situations like Roberson’s should be prevented.