The Art of Tiny House Living


Li Na Jiang, Contributor

Struggling to fit in a crowded train car when trying to commute during rush hour, especially after a long day of work, is the reality of city life. It is too often glamorized. From walking down the sidewalks of the city, passing by faces you’ll never see again, to waking up at 2 AM due to the sudden and loud honking of cars down the blockit is without a doubt that life in a big city can get overwhelming. It seems as though metropolitans are caught up with the beat of their city. As city life can be too stressful for some, many have made the decision to change their lifestyles. Living the tempo of their own life is possible, and tiny house living has been a direction many have chosen to take. 

Reasons people downsize 

The Tiny House Movement is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. The movement saw an increase in sales and interest due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, trying to find tranquility within the chaos is not the only reason why many people have shifted towards tiny house living. For adventurers, the lifestyle offered by tiny homes would enable them to travel the world. By living in a school bus, a van, or a tiny house being towed by a vehicle; movable tiny homes allow sufficient mobility on the road. Furthermore, many have also chosen to live in tiny homes due to their simplicity and sustainability. Downsizing from a regular dwelling to a much smaller space propels people to get rid of unnecessary items that don’t spark joy. Getting rid of sprawling junk and deciding to reduce it down to what is actually beneficial, leads individuals to living a much simpler life. Also, most tiny homes run on renewable energy such as solar panels, and they use composting toilets which help individuals reduce waste and enable eco-friendly living. Off the grid, tiny homes use less electricity and water supply, which helps reduce carbon footprint. With financial instability being one of the top reasons that cause stress, tiny homes are the perfect solution to living a financially stress-free life. A tiny house can be built for as little as three thousand dollars, and more than 60% of tiny house owners have no mortgage. 

From what the name suggests, living in a tiny home may come across as living in a cramped, crowded space, and just simply too much of a hassle. Though this is true, it all depends on the design of the home and how to efficiently use that space. Many people actually build their tiny homes from scratch, giving them the perfect opportunity to unleash their creativity and design their dream homeon a budget. Common tiny houses usually have adequate space for a kitchen, bathroom, and loft(s). Dwellers also maximize the space by incorporating hidden storage under stairs, seating, and floors into their build. From tiny homes on wheels to tiny homes on foundations, tiny home dwellers are able to have it all their own way. Most tiny homes have 100 to 400 square feet, but the possibilities of the designs are endless. Each tiny house is extremely unique, ranging from shipping containers to a classic and timeless modern home.

Benefits of Living Tiny

Living in a tiny house gives people the perfect opportunity to reconnect themselves with nature. Whether it’s in the woods or a few acres on farmland, tiny home lifestyles offer an escape in the midst of a chaotic world and allow dwellers to simply enjoy life at its core. Living in a small space can also help create stronger bonds between people and their loved ones; over the years, many families with children have decided to downsize to a much smaller and cozy home. Tiny houses are more sustainable and acquire less energy, which helps tackle the global issue of climate change. With affordable housing being a major crisis in the country, tiny homes may also be a possible solution to this issue. 

The YouTube channel, “Living Big In A Tiny House,” explores an array of downsizing designs and establishes a community of tiny home dwellers all over the world. Tiny home dwellers show that living small can be just as fulfilling as to someone with a luxurious three-story house. With the media shedding more light on the growth of the Tiny House Movement and what they stand for, tiny house living could be the lifestyle for a better planet and the future.