The Aftermath of Kenosha


Anthony Moroz, Contributor

The Kenosha Riots began after Jacob Blake was shot by a police officer causing large protests, and soon, riots as well. Many people came to take advantage of the rioting in the Wisconsin town, and sadly, the riots turned deadly. Kyle Rittenhouse was one of these people. It is highly debated, and controversial, the reason for Kyle Rittenhouse being in Kenosha. However, it doesn’t matter now. The two people who were killed, and one who was shot, are very important to this story. Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Hubertz,  and Gaige Grosskreutz would turn this somewhat significant riot, into a nationwide debate on gun laws, gun safety, and self defense.

All three men were normal people, who unfortunately risked their lives by confronting Rittenhouse. The first one shot and killed by Rittenhouse was Rosenbaum, who attempted to hit Rittenhouse with a skateboard. Anthony Hubertz would then attempt to disarm Rittenhouse, and tragically be shot in the stomach and die. Finally, Grosskreutz was shot attempting to disarm Rittenhouse. Grosskreutz arm was ruptured and luckily he survived. The trial ended with the prosecution using terrible arguments, and Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all three charges. It further ignited the debate over the 2nd Amendment and self defense issues. About 175 people were arrested in connection with the Kenosha riots.

In the end, a lot of hurt and damage was done in Kenosha. The only survivor of the three men shot by Rittenhouse was Gaige Grosskreutz, of course his bicep was almost completely destroyed by one shot.  Anthony Hubertz would succumb to his wounds that night. We have learned two things from this nightmare, riots are as common as a dandelions nowadays, and this country grows more and more politically divided every day.

Sources: CNN,USA Today, Fox News