Who Is To Blame For Our Environmental Problems?


Ann Toussaint, Contributor

Environmental problems are often tied to pollution. There are many types of pollution, such as water, soil, and our most talked about, air pollution. Air pollution is mostly tied to the Industrial Revolution. A time where factories and pollution thrived. 

Climate change is the reality, and problem, we still continue to talk about and try to overcome. There seems to be a huge change in focus from air pollution to water and soil pollution. Between the 20th and 21st century, many are focusing on human consumption and the human impact on the environment. We’re more ‘aware’ now. These issues are being talked about everywhere and especially where these topics are most popular; the internet and media. 

The media usually puts most of the blame on what we use, how we use it, where it comes from, and where it’ll go after. There seems to be more blame put on the consumer than the producer. Most of the pollution does come from the big companies that have many other companies under their names. It will be hard to make any change if the people at the top aren’t being held accountable first. 

It comes down to the types of materials we use and how we recycle. In a perfect world, these seem to be helping part of the cause. We now have things that claim to be biodegradable, and better for the environment. However, they tend to be more expensive and not really available to most. Most people from many countries do depend on the things that are not considered to be ‘environmentally friendly,’ because it’s affordable and easy to get. There’s blame being put on people who chose the path that is not ‘environmentally friendly.’ Again, completely disregarding the producers. 

We do need to care about our planet, because its our only home. However, how do we do what’s good without affecting anyone who’s limited to what they have access to? We do have options on what we choose to consume, however, affordable options are limited. 

Who is to blame? 

The obvious answer would be those in charge and those who have the power to make the change. People who do not have the privilege to change their way of doing things, shouldn’t be the ones being put in theforefront to represent the face of the problem.