IMG_2457 (800x533)IMG_3072 (800x534)IMG_2811 (800x534)IMG_2442 (800x534)This Sammy Baig, FDR’s brand new sports reporter. A new semester can only mean one thing, a new season of football for the defending Bowl Champions!  This year it is kind of different, because the question is-  Can the FDR Cougars pull off a repeat this year? That’s the question that everybody is asking, because the Cougars started the year at 1-2.  However,  don’t get it confused!  If you look back last season, they had the same situation. The result, they went on to win the championship.  The Cougars are currently 3-2, and ready to make a run this fall.

Nadir Hassan, the starting the Quarterback, and Kevin Vidales, the Cougar Running Back and Linebacker. sat with the New Dealer for a quick interview before practice.

Q: As a Team Captain and the Quarterback, What is your mindset after having a bad start?

A: Hassan- “My mindset is to lead the team to more wins, game by game, and get this chip”

Q:How are you going to accomplish that goal?

A: Vidales- “We as team veterans need to help our new inexperienced players.  They don’t know what team chemistry is yet, and it is our job to teacher them.  Once that happens we will reach our goal.”

Q: Who are the players to watch this year?

A:Coach Suggs- “Well, there are a few.  We will need Nadir Hassan, Kevin Vidales, Rashawn Coleman, and Re John Williams to play to their ability”  

Q: What is different from last season to this season?

A: Hassan- “ We have a smaller amount of players, and a lot of inexperienced players.  But, we playing with 29 strong!”

Q: What is specifically being done to help these inexperienced players?

A: Hassan- “We challenge them everyday in practice.  The coaches put them in situations to succeed and learn.”

Q: What is the chemistry like between the Quarterback, Backs, and Receivers?

A: Vidales- “It has been pretty good at practice, however, we have made some mistakes in games.  I can say every day it gets better.  That’s what matters.”

I think I speak for the whole student body of FDR, when I say that I am looking forward to this road to the 2-peat. Good Luck And Go Cougars!