Girls Tennis On A Roll!


As the new school year begins, many student-athletes look forward to going back to school to play their team sport. Every new school year, when graduating seniors from the previous school year leave their marks on their team sports, new faces arrive the following year and continue to put in the same amount of persistence, hard work, and practice. This school year of 2019-2020 is no different at FDR where teams, no matter how big or small, are trying to recruit new students to join their sports teams. 

This year, the Girls Varsity Tennis team is off to a great start in their fall season, with 5 wins and 2 losses so far. They started the season off by beating New Utrecht of a score of 3-2.  The team coach, Coach Kolesnik, as well as the team, is hoping to make it to playoffs again this year, as they did the previous school year. To make it to playoffs, the Lady Cougars have been working hard to improve their backhands, serves, and coordination since late August, practicing almost every day for 2 hours! With the team improving dramatically and showing off their talent on the courts during practice and at games, the girls are determined to win and most importantly, to have fun this season. 

Of course, like every school year, upperclassmen graduate and team sports are always looking for new members to join. This school year, a majority of the Girls Varsity Tennis team are going to be graduating seniors. If you’re interested in playing tennis for fun, looking for something active to do, or to make new friends, you should try out for the FDR Girls Varsity Tennis team. Anyone, regardless of how much experience they have, is welcomed to join and learn how to play. See CoachKolesnik in room 219 for more information.