FDR Boys Volleyball


Sean Markisic, Reporter

The Boys Volleyball team has had an impressive run the last couple of seasons, with some key players playing hard to make the team successful. With some of their top players being seniors, Coach Hand has to look to their first and second year players to continue the team’s strong legacy. It looks as if more success is on the way!

Q&A with Coach Hand:

Q: Of the coach strategies you have used, which do you feel works best for the team?

A: Coach Hand wants the team to mostly use self-reliance. He wants them to think on their own and learn from the mistakes they make, so in the future, they know what they have to do on the court. Coach Hand believes that if the players can react quickly on their own, the team will be better overall.

Q: Do you feel you can rely on one player to carry the team when they’re struggling?

A: Setter, Shung Zou, and Outside Hitter, Jermey Melendez, are two players Coach Hand can trust to be in the right place, at the right time.

Q: What schools do you feel give the team the most competition?

A: The school that gives the team the most competition is Fort Hamilton High School. Over the last two seasons the Cougars are 0-4 when matched up against Fort Hamilton.

Q: Which of the new players do you think will lead the team in the next 2-3 years?

A: Two new Freshman players that Coach Hand sees a lot of potential in are Daniel Lou and Tony Niguye. Hand feels that if they set their minds on the goal of becoming better, they can become big time players for the team in the near future.

Q: What hopes do you have for the team this upcoming season?

A: Coach Hand hopes that the team has a strong year, in order to get a playoff spot. As long as the players stay true to themselves, and learn from their mistakes, they are for sure going to have a good season.