A Poem?


These days always have a sparkle to them, they bring on the passage of growing wiser but at the same time older. If only there was something that could be done to stop the inevitable flow of time. But, then what fun would that be sitting here all day with nothing to do except writing stories and rhyme. Still many things could be done which would stop failing, timing, and aging. No mistakes would be ever done and could always fix and help giving those essential seconds so desperately needed. Yet, nothing can be done to stop it. With it being the Ultimate Monarch ruling unfairly giving other things more time on this world than others. Yet, he is truthful to one thing: nothing lasts forever, for all must come to end. If this would be true then would the Monarch fall, yet foolish me overlooks one thing all governors of government will never go as long as they hold all the power. Yet, there is one thing that this Monarch has as well. Queen death yet she is ever more nicer treating everybody equally no matter if they rule a kingdom or vagabond that you find on the streets. Within this government and many others there will always be people trying to defy what the government is like gracious hope and liberator freedom who all follow one leader which is life. He/she for its identity has never been revealed and opposes the rule of the Monarch and Queen, always making significant rebellion and acts of heroism. One time going face to face with time in order to save humanity from global warming. Yet, the results are indecisive; we see it was delayed to some extent but still proceeds. Then I ask myself why choose sides if I can just be with both since death and time are needed as well Hope, Freedom, and Life. Maybe it’s just problems of not being able to negotiate properly that opposing groups appear. Since letting freedom run wild is dangerous as well as having hope give false promises. When backed up by life they would be limited but not all the way making them crumble easily by subjects/Civilians. All this time is humans seeing good and evil when in reality they are two sides of the same coin. The only thing that does make it possible is by balance for it guides what’s too much or little. With this person it makes it possible to have both this monarchy and opposers live in harmony. With this said they would live under these truths. “Nothing lasts forever for everything must come to an end eventually” “freedom should be for all who cause no harm and have a sense of living” “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” These forever be the things that guide humanity.